Sunday, May 4, 2008

Race and Politics at Trinity United Church of Christ

I keep hearing people insist that Rev. Wright is a darker skinned version of the infamous former KKK Grand Dragon David Duke. I must admit, I don't understand the rational for that comparison at all given the fact that Rev. Wright has NEVER 1. been a member of any violent anti-white organizations, 2. not supported or promoted discrimination based on race,sex,gender, or religion 3. Actively engages WITH WHITE PEOPLE and all people! Agree with him or disagree with him he is no racist.

Furthermore, like far right Christian conservative church's, many politicians have blessed Trinity UCC with their presence. Unlike far right Christian conservative church's those politicians haven't always been ideologically in sync with the majority of community that Trinity Serves. I wonder if David Duke would give a Black Democrat running for ANY office a platform to speak to his constituents?!?!?!?

Rev. Wrights has always stressed political literacy to his congregates. And has given politicians OF ALL RACES AND PARTY AFFILIATIONS, opportunities to share their messages with his congregates.

Whether it be Republican Tony Peraica or Democrat Larry Suffredin
Trinity has taken EVERY opportunity to demonstrate not only racial diversity but also political diversity.

Click here to see news coverage of a candidates forum held at Trinity UCC


UCCtruths said...

Why not help me promote Jeremiah Wright for UCC President?

Anonymous said...

Every since Reagan there has been a backlash toward African American demands and petitions for justice. There "reverse" racism rhetoric is a way to neutralize these arguments. The media especially has been trying to place the false premise that blacks are as "equally" racist as whites. This is the way they have portrayed Louis Farrakhan and now Rev. Wright. This rhetoric is a direct attack on African American and unfortunately many whites -- Liberals and Conservatives -- have bought into this B.S. because they want to deny racism.

Unfortunately, there have been African American politician they have acquiesce to this rhetoric. Namely Barbara Jordan did during the 1992 Democratic Convention with her ridiculous statement that people must be vigilant equally against both black and white racism.

Her irresponsible statement conflate black anger and harsh outcry to white prejudice and it divert attention away from white supremacist power and black powerlessness.

Unfortunately in the U.S. white rather remain in a state of denial and unfortunately Obama "race neutral" campaign appease that myth.

Anonymous said...

Well I think enough of was said at the beginning of the article when Rev. Wright was referred to as a black version of the infamous former KKK Grand Dragon David Duke. As a black woman myself, I have been appalled by the representation of your church in seperating Black America from White America. I think Trinity Church represents radicalism. Which is no better than those that followed before, named: Hitler, KKK, and the list goes on and on. The reason why those are named as such is due to the fact that they have believed to be the superior kind in human race.

Teachings of any church should reflect equality of all Christians of any color. Not teachings of White America that existed decades before. In order to gain respect in society, you must first Show It, than Earn It. The teachings here only gear towards setting our races hundreds of years back. Dont forget, it was our own people back in Africa that sold us to what you call "The White Man." If you were white than, would you not buy people For Sale to work your land.

Point of fact aside, this is now the 21st Century. GET WITH IT! Show our children that we can learn from the mistakes of the past, and work at bridging the gap for the future.

truthToPower said...

Anonymous says : As a black woman myself, I have been appalled by the representation of your church in seperating Black America from White America.

Truth says:
What are you talking about 'separating black america from white america'!!! We aren't separatist.. there are white members of the congregations AND we are the largest church in a majority white denomination UCC. So what do you based your separatist claim on??

Anonymous says: I think Trinity Church represents radicalism.

Truth Says: I didn't realize speaking out against racism and social justice was radical... whats so radical about Trinity?

Anonymous says :Which is no better than those that followed before, named: Hitler,

Truth says: Rev Wright hasn't declared african americans a 'master race' or killed millions of white people.. not even one.. and he's acted to save many of them including a president as a cardiac technician and spiritually as a pastor.

Anonymous says: KKK, and the list goes on and on.

Truth says: You mean the same KKK that terrorizes black jews and catholics that's hung people and lobbyed for legal segregation?? Rev. Wright hasn't done any of that. You obviously know nothing about the organization people you're comparing him with or you know absolutely nothing about Rev. Wright or Trinity

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