Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Right Wing Media is not through attacking us

It seems that once again the far right wing media outlets have sought to assault black religious leaders and their preaching styles. This time the target is Rev. Otis Moss III.

Sean Hannity of Fox News’ Hannity's America, a weekly American talk show on the Fox News Channel, will air snippets of some of Rev. Moss' sermons on th is Sunday evening, May 11 and attempt to classify them as controversial and offensive because Moss dares to use biblical parables to explain and shed light on modern day circumstances, using the vernacular of today's youth.

The disingenuous assaults, aimed at attacking the voice and religious styles of traditional preaching, have attempted to distort the ministry and witness of Rev. Otis Moss III.

I wonder is this all they can dig up on a presidential candidate??

In any case, you can view Pastor Mosses sermons in context for yourself Here


Anonymous said...

Hm and the left wing media feeds people tripe daily to advance their polital agenda. I can not belive in this day people are swayed by the media. Simple minds are easily confused.

truthToPower said...

Yeah most people are easily confused for sure look at how the american public was led to believe sadam Hussein had something to do with 9/11

how many americans still believe that Obama is a muslim

And further more.. I don't think our church should be anymore a part of someones political agenda as the right wing conservative church's who've said some judgemental radical things including suggesting a head of state be assassinated, be made into a political issue.

these are non issues used to manipulate the american public

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]It seems that once again the far right wing media outlets have sought to assault black religious leaders and their preaching styles.[/quote]

Might it be that if they preached words from out of the BIBLE rather than out of the New York Times that they would not be the subject of so much scrutiny and speculation?

Are they "Black Religious Leaders" or Christian LEADERS - leading folks to Christ as they were given the mantle to do? There is a difference - right?

truthToPower said...

Constructive .. I know we just have a difference of opinion on this, but, I definitely feel that there are many incidents in the bible that are very relevant to a lot of what we see in current events.

Maybe if more ministers made the Bible and the teachings of Jesus relevant to today, so many people wouldn't be so easily persuaded into supporting wars of aggression

Just a thought..