Thursday, April 10, 2008

"They Bring in the Drugs and Build Bigger Prisons" : Why did Dr. Jeremiah Wright Say this? Part 1

Because he watches the news maybe!!!

I've already shed some light on why Black America is suspicious of the Medical Industry (related to the AIDS statements). My next few posts will focus on mainstream investigative reports regarding government complicity in drug trafficking and the prison industrial complex so that the statements "they bring in the drugs and build bigger prisons" can be seen from the perspective of African Americans


des52 said...

Wright Challenges America

I love it that Rev. Wendell Anthony of the NAACP and their members thought there was no one better than Dr. Wright to deliver this years keynote. My friends in Detroit were calling today, everyone is scampering to get tickets. They all support Rev. Wright. Below is a blurb about it form the Tribune and the link is further. I hope he continues to speak truth to power.

Obama's embattled ex-minister to speak at NAACP Detroit dinner
Associated Press Writer
The Detroit branch of the NAACP said Thursday it has selected the embattled former minister of Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama as the keynote speaker at its 53rd Annual Fight for Freedom Fund dinner. The civil rights organization called the...,1,6222735.story

des52 said...

Stolen Generation Used For Tests.

Below is another article that talks about experimenting on kids of color. These were the aboriginees from Austrailia.

Another documenary film that chronicles another form of tests is called "Rabbit Proof Fence." It came out about 2-3 years ago. Black teens were taken from their homes to marry white Australians. The point was to keep integrating until there was no more black in them. they wanted to see how many generations it took to rid them of their blackness. This was a fact and it was atrocious.

The Uppity Negro said...

for the record, Jeremiah Wright never said that the government DID create AIDS and infect them into the black community. The clip that this controversy was centered around actually says that "the government lied about..." creating AIDS and infecting them into the black community. Which is a TOTALLY different issue than what people are addressing.

Be that as it may, even I had missed that until I went back and looked at the clip and paid close attention.

Morna said...

I missed your post on why Black America is suspicious of the Medical Industry. I'll go look for it. I just want to share a link that is a very sensitive perspective on the subject:

Also, this is a link from NPR about the Tuskegee Experiment:

And this is a link to the Daily Kos piece that gives a good explanation of the "God Damn America" sermon:

Sorry these aren't directly related to the Drugs-Prisons topic, but I do think they are worth sharing. I hope you agree.

Your blog is excellent - I just despair that it is not being read by the people who need it the most. But, please don't stop!

Amicus said...

I have a question for you.

Does Trinity qualify under the Bush Administration guidelines for Faith-based initiatives?

I'd be interested, whether or not you actually receive funds.

You can probably see why - it's the hypocrisy of a GOP that wants outreach, yet blast folks like Trinity when it is politically expedient.

Dave said...

Barack suggested that we have a conversation about race. As a middle aged white male, this is one of the few sites I can find that is making an attempt to brdige the gap between myself (and other non-black people) and the black community.

I must admit when I heard the soundbites of Rev Wright I started investigating he context for the quotes and I found that I not only agreed with the Reverend's use of the bible as it applies to the politics of America but I wanted to hear more sermons. I don't have a profound acceptance of the bible in my life but I do have a profound sense of social justice.

I can understand why Barack Obama found spiritual and political substance in the sermons of Reverend Wright. In some ways they are seeking the same goals: a more just and free America, for all people. They just use different approaches. Reverend Wright condemns the misuse of power in American politics and Barack Obama is patiently seeking that power to change America for the betterment of us all.

Please keep the messages and educational posts coming.