Saturday, April 5, 2008

Trinity United Church of Christ Press Conference

Let's Discuss

Rev. Dr. John Thomas, General Minister and President of the United Church of Christ

Rev. Otis Moss III Pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ

Rev. Michael Kinnaman, General Secretary, National Council of Churches

Media Q&A


Anonymous said...

P R E-E-E C H U H ! ! !

. . . "What you do with it, and how you handle it, will determine the results ! . . ."

A - M E N !

Livigh said...

I thought the press conference was very well handled and that having a race dialogue throughout the UCC is a great idea. I have unfortunately not found much media coverage, which is deplorable.

Livigh said...

I thought the press conference to have been handled very well and would like to express my admiration for all that Trinity and their pastors stand for.

Faith said...

I very much appreciate Trinity, the UCC, and the NCC for taking this initiative to take back the sacred space. I do hope that it helps. I have been heart sickened by the way the sacred speech of the sermon has been violated by the media and those only concerned with making a political point.

I have two concerns. First, I am do not think that the problem with the media is purely a race issue. I had so wished that this would have been made clear. The problem, in my opinion, is the lack of expertise of those in the media to critique Rev. Wright's sermons or Trinity. The maid culpurts of the abuse and negative reporting came from persons who are not theologically trained, were not from the African American community, and who had political rather than theolgical agendas. This is really the problem. We need a national discussion on religion and politics, particularly as it relates to the media. We should be demanding that they hire persons with the expertise, training, exposure, and sensitivity to religious communities! The problem with Fox is not primarily race - it is that they are completely controlled by a right wing operative whose agenda is to be the mouthpiece for the Republican party!

I also have a concern about Rev. Moss' use of biblical/theological language during the question and answer period for the same reasons stated above. I certainly understand, but I do not think that it is helpful to the church's image to add fuel for the main stream media, particularly those who have an axe to grind.

What I mean is that the assumptions in their questions should have been debunked and dissapated by plain speech (they really are antagonistice to the gospel). This way it would be more difficult for them to splice and dice his words to create their own meaning. Rev. Moss is a brillant and gifted speaker, but I think that his intellectual accumen should have been put the service of shutting these critics down completely.

I think that many Americans are ready to hear a different message then the one that has been portrayed by the meida of Trinity and Rev. Wright. I do not think they can sort through the religious rhetoric without some help from Trinity's minister.

I am tired of their contempt for Trinity and for Rev. Wright.

des52 said...


I do not completely agree with your assessment. You make some good points, but as someone who worked in media I can tell you, I have friends who worked on the religion page who I do not believe would do Trinity justice. These folks whom I once counted as friends have their own agendas, only God knows what it is. Folks I thought I knew for 28 years changed. So it is not just a matter of religion reporters getting it. If you have other agendas, personal aggrandizement, fear, mortgages due, it clouds your judgement. I would have loved to have this person I went to school with, knew for 28 years cover this story, they are in management at a major newspaper, but I do not trust them to do the right thing anymore. And they are black. Some of the throwing Trinity under the bus is political, I agree yet some of it is journalists personal demons or issues. Some people are also too fearful to do the right thing. Folks whom you expect to be speaking up are like Peter hiding out. It is tragic. No guts, no glory.

des52 said...

We Are Trinity

I listened to the 6:00 April 7th sermon. I like the fact that Pastor Moss is encouraging the congregation and all who love Trinity to hold their heads up, refocus and remember we have nothing to lose. If folks have a problem with us for being sun kissed, that is their issue not ours. We can continue to grow and be all God ordained, we can leave things better for the next generation. . . I think getting Trinity t-shirts made is another positive step to say, "we are not ashamed of who we are and whose we are." Even though I live in Detroit, I am ordering shirts for my husband and I. We are Trinity, we are family, I got all my brothers and sisters with me-- God is using this injustice for much good. And Pastor Moss, he is preaching with an even greater sense of urgency. . . we are all going to be better for this trial. . . Praise God that Dr. Wright listened to God in bringing Moss here for such a time as this. . . No matter what mess the media, the political hacks have planned, we have nothing to lose. . .

One of my favorite lines is from the movie, "Independance Day." It looks like the world is done for. They have been attacked and broken. But then their leader says, "We will not go quietly into the night. . we will not vanish without a fight. .we are going to live on. . this is our independence day. . ." That is what we will do every day trinitarians.

Remember this is our centering moment. . . stars shine brightest in the night. . .

The media wants to get our goat so do not let them. We just keep an aggressive calm. Lets just keep letting our light shine. . everywhere we go. . for all the world to see!!!

Faith said...

praDear des52,
I agree with you to a point. I suppose we cannot trust that journalist on the payroll would be able to do their jobs - to be unbiased reporters! But shouldn't we? The press supposed to seek out facts and context, right! If we have totally lost this - then it is time we start boycotting and holding them accountable in masse.

I have heard, over the past few days, people like Michael Eric Dyson and Father Pfleger interviewed. This is what I meant by talking to people with the expertise. Sure they will try to slant it, but the point is that there would be some other voices.

winslie gomez said...

I am from the UK but support the need for a discourse on race and we need it globally.