Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Audacity To Hope : FULL AUDIO

This sermon has impacted so many lives. When I'm at my lowest point in life, I MAKE myself listen to it. Enjoy....

Part 1

Part 2


Yobachi said...

I'm adding you to my blog roll at

I'm glad you started this.

You might want to check out this post: "Reacting to White Reaction to Obamas Speech On Race"

And I called the swiftboating of Obama by using Pastor Wright a few days before they got started with the video tapes. It was too obvious a political trick.

John Good said...

Thank you so much for starting this blog. I've blogrolled you as well.


Anonymous said...

Yay! So glad to see the truth.

God's blessings to you as you seek to set the record straight.

I am a white woman (45 yo) and have a special place in my heart for the black church. The passion and firey oration is remarkable.

Dr. Wright is right! Hold your head high! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm a white woman, and I'm totally outraged at the way Rev. Wright is being portrayed in the media. I'm praying for him, your church, and Obama. I pray that God will let the truth come out and will help this nation to realize what a distortion the media has been forcing on Americans.

God Bless America, Rev. Wright, Trinity Church, and Obama!

ed iglehart said...

God bless you for this. I've got the audacity to hope. Just a pity Obama hasn't felt able to blast those who impugn Dr Wright with the full truth, including the need to be at least a bit critical of Israel. I'm truly disappointed, but remain hopeful.

For what it's worth, I'm a white guy and the great grandson of slave-owners. I hear y'all and pray forgiveness.

Namaste -ed

Anonymous said...

The Rev Wright is a wise man.

Thank you for creating this website.

Loren said...

Thank you so much for creating this window into your ministry, which is so sorely needed among the bevy of sensationalized news. The truth is more interesting than their fabricated image of a fanatical Rev. Wright - that we all share so many similarities and much in common, as Americans. Your posting about McCain's pastor is testament to this. On the flip side, what Obama pointed to in his 'More Perfect Union' speech is also an undeniable truth- that, throughout the country, there are big gaps in understanding and experience between races, and those gaps are most easily filled in with stereotyopes and anecotes. I think that if we want to be, we're smarter than that.
This is my first time reading about the black church, of which I only had cursory academic knowledge. Perhaps this media frenzy will be beneficial in inspiring others to learn about the black church and generally shedding light on a religious experience that is such an integral and formative part of our nation- and hopefully, our next President.
To Obama- and to lifelong learning.
Best Wishes, Loren

Roger Wright said...

A different kind of support for Rev Wright

Roger Wright
Chicago Ill
Rev. Jeremiah Wright---and i
They came from the big church --Trinity--on the South side to hear Brother Keith preach at our little church on the North side that one Sunday morning in the early days of a waking up new and green spring Chicago day. Trinity was Keith's home church. He was studying to learn at ours.

Like towers of solemnity; shoes gleaming bright, pressed white shirts, ties, dark suits that simply said respect. The men from Trinity were here. No smiles. No talk. More like a still life photograph that moved just a bit. A picture who's caption would be "Dignity." They sat in the back. Keith's Mom, some Aunts, sprinkled in bright spring flowers and hats in the middle of the church; his collegues from the Lincoln Park Zoo, laughing and smiles formed a cheering chorus up near the front.

All of us from the North Side church; reserved --like Garrison Keillor would say--just being so Lutheran. Our nice jeans, clean running shoes, a more Saturday to go shopping attire now somehow more like background music to a rising orchestra about to begin--a chorus of heavenly voices: anchored by the quiet men from Trinity who sat so still.

Then Keith began to speak. Immediatly engaging. Painting rainbow color vivid pictures all achored in the scripture, in not just the words but the spirit and the pslams and the very love of Jesus and the Lord. A riff then an echo of Jeremiah Wright where Keith--and so many countless others had learned to preach. Jeremiah Wright climbs into the pulpit --something like it must have been when John Coltrane picked up his saxaphone. Jeremiah Wright: way over and above the 2 masters degrees; the doctor of divinity, the boards and the causes--the right ones-- in the 40 some years. The building of Trinity from just 2 or more gathered to the 8,000 strong: a very cornerstone of our United Church of Christ---across the country: but mostly right here in Chicago where even the echoes from the place can take our sleepy little street corner on the North Side and infuse it like an Easter morning in the great and glorious song of the Lord.

Keith brought down the house that morning---as he always seemed to do whenever we were blessed to be bathing in what officially was his "practice," but was really the beginning of yet another man of God--one who got started by Jeremiah Wright.

So flash forward now to another spring. The You Tube snippits of Jeremiah Wright ping ponging off the corners of the internet---giving rise to Barack Obama stepping up to actually lead--and call for a real conversation a real dialogue on race. To quote Jon Stewart from the Daily Show the other night: "At 11:00 on a Tuesday night: a presidential candidate actually talked with the American people as if we were all adults." Like it was some sort of dream of the way it all could be: a real convesation that actually speaks to the fears--many different flavors: but all a common bond of fear. A conversation. A real dialogue. Maybe even one that could lead to a moment of shared laughter?

I remember standing out on the lawn of the church after the service. Keth introduced Maria and I to the solemn men from Trinity. Keith in all his bubbling exuberance saying, "Hey! These are my friends from Epiphany Maria and Roger! " I shook the hand of the tallest of the men from Trinity. Looked up into his eyes that showed nothing and I said, "My name is Roger Wright. Maybe you know my Dad---Jeremiah?"

His eyes crinkled in immediate laughter, he smiled big--as did the other men from Trinity. Smiles like bright golden warm Easter Morning suns. And then all of the men from Trinity laughed. Just for that split second moment.

A real conversation.

Roger Wright


Easter 2008