Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Pastor Has Represented Us Well

Friday September 11, 1998 in honor of Religious Leaders.....

He's always been such the statesmen!
Pastor Wright was invited to the White House TWICE! This man is a true patriot and a powerful minister of the gospel.


Anonymous said...

Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright Jr, is an awesome person. This incredible man, with all his responsibilities, as Pastor, lecturer, husband, father, grandfather, etc.., made time to write my younger sister while she was in Iraq serving our country. He didn't have to do that. With all his esteem and stature, especially since she isn't even a member of his church. I am. He is loving and thoughtful that way. Yes, he was once a solider. He's a true man of God who sincerely cares for others. I am forever grateul to Pastor Wright for the concern he showed me when I was scared for my sister's safety while she was at war. I give thanksgiving and praise to God for him and for my sister who lived through that horrible experience,and is now a 1st leutenant in the U.S. Army. She loves to testify that what helped her get through the roughest days at war, were letters from her family and letters from members of her sister's church at Trinity United Church of Christ, and the encouraging letters, from Rev. Wright. This is only one of the many amazing stories I have about the "true" Pastor Wright. He's been my inspiration for over 6 years, and he still is! -SPK

Anonymous said...

Hillary and Bill threw the bomb to Fox News about Rev. Wright. Not once did Bill and Hillary address the way Hannity attacked and played rev. wright's message. Now is the time that Hillary and Bill address their association with Rev. Wright. Hillary and Bill..racists.

Anonymous said...

This photo needs to be spread to all media outlets because it definitely shows the betrayal and disloyalty of the Clintons.

Here Rev. Wright comforted the Clintons when at their most vulnerable moment during the Monaca Lewinsky affair and during Bill's impeachment yet the Clintons offer no defense of Rev. Wright during the media feeding frenzy.

Clearly the Clintons tried to sully this man's reputation for political gain. Now the shoe is on the other foot and now the Clinton have to explain their "association" to the Rev. Wright.

The Clinton have always been two faced and played the race card when they needed to. The problem is that they didn't think that they would ever face a candidate as sophisticated as Barack Obama.

Thanks for posting this photo.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this photo common at all White House dinners where many lesser-known people are invited? Can you provide the entire guest list and the reason for the event? Which religious leaders were invited? All? Many people have been "invited" to White House events - does that immediately qualify them as "statesman" and "true patriot" and a minister of the Gospel?

David Stewart said...

I continue to be saddened (but not surprised) at how the Clintons continue to sell out black Americans for Hillary's attempts to make political gain. And this with Bill supposedly being "the first black president." What hypocrites. Thank you, Rev. Wright, for your decades of service to the church, and for your courage in speaking the truth about the deadly effects of racism.

adap2k said...

The Clinton hypocracy exposed once again.

Anonymous said...

Dear Friends,
I am no fan of either Dems or Reps to start with. With regards to Reverend Wright, I can not speak of the man himself as I do know but I think it is ludicrous to condem him based on 10 second video clip. I for one, will not smear his name or that of your church.
I am not even a beleiver in God, I beleive just in a higher power I can not comprehend yet.
I live my life pursuing and preaching Peace, Equality and Understanding.
May the higher power guide this nation to the moral and spiritual greatness.

Anonymous said...

I knew I would find nothing but bigotry and hatred on this page...what a waste of time.

Look in the mirror people, you have mud on your face.

Anonymous said...

An amazing courage in the face of hatred.
Even if Obama loses this election, the discussion about race needs to continue because it's the only way most white people would ever deal with it or understand what went down history in reference to the mayhem called slavery, and what it does in the psychic of a black person in this country(Plenty of research findings on this issue), the undergoing discrimination in this country, and then get into the discussion on how to move forward from it together as country. To even bring it up, Obama has shown extraordinary courage. Any fair minded individual who was still thinking about whether to vote for him or not would be impress to say the least with this kind of courage.
America is still the most power-full nation on Earth, it needs to show the courage that the world recognize in it and tackle this issue with all the seriousness that it deserves.

brian said...

I almost forgot that Pastor Wright was invited to the White House to pray for Bill Clinton during his trying (lying) time. Since Pastor Wright had an association with Bill Clinton does that mean Hillary will disown Bill.

Politics is one thing but religion is another. Pastor Wright is one of the most respected Pastors in America (in any church). Attaching and lying on Pastor Wright, the UCC church and Trinity is way out of bounds.

Hillary's win at all cost approach is a wake-up call for African-Americans

LA-TUCC said...

Thank God for Rev Wright and for the technology that will allow us to tell and show the truth -- even if we don't own a TV station or the media.

I'll be back frequently.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how people are attemptinig to label blacks as racists or bigots! I almost have to laugh at it. This country is so completely warped and out of touch. I am surprised that kind of foolishness could even come out of someone's mouth. Those of you that come to this page to validate your ideas that Trinitarians are bigots and racists I have a suggestion...READ A HISTORY BOOK!

The only way that blacks and whites will ever have a real connection is if we actually show our souls to each other and try to understand each other. I'm happy Barack opened everyone's eyes to the fact that there is still pain here. We were slaves much longer than we've been free!

How can we see pictures of blacks hung on trees while the oppressors watched with their children and smiled and not hold ANY animosity?? As I said, READ A HISTORY BOOK!

I pray that God continues to guide us through this long over due conversation.

Anonymous said...

Pastor Wright is the most amazing pastor that I've ever heard. This is the most dedicated man of God that I've ever witnessed. I wish that I would have become a member of Trinity when I first moved to Chicago 24 years ago. The first time that I visited Trinity, I knew that it would become my church home. I feel that I missed out on so much all those years, but God knows what's best. Have faith, we will prevail.

Anonymous said...

Rev. Wright's sermons saved my life! I would have committed suicide if it wasn't for his love and compassion. His ministry helped me deal with many challenging obstacles in my life.

I am able to stand with my head held high and know than God loves me no matter what has happened to me.

What man meant for evil against President Obama,God turned into good. God used Pastor Wright's truth to address the race issue in this country.

No weapon formed against Pastor Wright will ever prosper because he's an angel sent by God.

Anonymous said...

Rev. Wright is a true man of God. He supported me via e-mail when I had problems, and he did not even know me. One should be so blessed as to be a member of a church like Trinity. I can only dream of being a part of such a wonderful community of faith. Anyone who belongs to this church should consider themselves "better than blessed", because to even sit in the presence of such a great orator as Rev. Wright is an honor. God has anointed this man, and the Bible clearly states "touch not my anointed, and do my prophets no harm". The media better know what they are doing because there will be dire consequences if they keep bothering this man. He did not bless this man to preach for all of these years, only to be crucified by the media, and if I were them, I would really repent and pray because no one wants to bother a true child of God, and believe me, Rev. Wright is about God's business.

Anonymous said...

This is why I will not vote or support Clinton ever again. They are willing to let a man be slandered for their own benefit.
Yet Obama, is willing to take a bullet for the guy. In some ways I wish Obama had countered with this type of info during his speech. But I realize there is so much time available.

Anonymous said...

I remember when Rev went to the prayer breakfast at the WhiteHouse. Bill Clinton needed a friend because he was being attacked by the Gingrich-led right wing. This type of political "discarding" of past allies is one of the main reasons America's influence has eroded throughout the world.

We discarded the people we implored to rise against Saddam in '91; we discarded Bin Laden and the mujahadin after the defeated the Russians; we dicarded the Shah of Iran in '79 In fact we are not allowed free access to the border regions of Pakistan because they firmly believe that if we find Bin Laden; we will abandon them too.

des52 said...

There is an interesting link about Hillary Clinton and another secret group she belongs to called the Family. This is supposed to come out in a book in May. The group is right wing. Even though Rev Wright had the right intentions to help a fallen man, I do not believe the Clintons motives.

see link below.

And when she threw Wright under the bus today asking Obama to disown him, here is a glowing statement written by her so called pastor supprting Dr Wright. another church she allegedly attends. I guess she can't keep the lies straight.

Ahh. What is hidden will be made known.

val said...

I have attended TUCC for 18 years. Our souls and lives have been enriched by the preaching and teaching of Rev. Wright. I am sitting here while NBC is doing a story on HIllary's commentary about our Senior Pastor. It is a shame that we still live in a world where you can lie and try to deflect the lie by bringing up something that has been sensationalized. It is also a shame that we live in a world where the media does not seek the truth. Rev. Wright is not a hate monger or racist. Why is it that when Black people lift up Black people, they are labeled racist, but when other ethnic groups honor their own, it is okay?

During the last week of February, as we approached the 36th anniversary of Rev. Wright, he could have opted to have a celebration that only served to glorify him, but in his usual fashion of always wanting to teach us more about "Whose we are and who we are," he opted to have a celebration that had world-renownwed preachers and teachers teach us. Again we were enriched by his ministry. The picture that the media and politicians are painting of him is grossly inaccurate.

We thank God for him. We thank God for his ministry. We thank God for the richly, blessed legacy that he leaves. We are prayerful that God will "have a fence around him" and continue to protect him. We pray for those who continue to perpetrate the lies and inaccuracies. We are "unashamedly Black and unapologetically Christian," and because we are, we believe that good will prevail over evil! We pray that God will bless and keep all of the haters!

We are a loving and forgiving church! It is because our Senior Pastor has laid the foundation of truth, justice and Jesus that we are able to be so! May God continue to bless and keep him and you!

Anonymous said...

Let me tell you about my experience under Pastor Wright for the fifteen years that I have been at Trinity United Church of Christ. Through Pastor Wright's teachings, I have learned to be true to myself as an African American male. While others feel that you have to choose between your American patriotism and your African heritage, he has shown me that you can be both. Taking a quote from Tavis Smiley, a well known talk show host & radio commentator, "Some people love America because of and some people love America inspite of." These words ring so true in my mind because if it was not for the spiritual leadership and teachings of Rev Wright, I really would have a lot of hatred for America. Everyday as an African American male, I deal with some form of racism in this country, Pastor Wright has taught me to not only learn the journey of my people, but to also understand it. This is what keeps me from hating America. If teaching African Americans that we have a culture and a legacy that we can be proud of makes us racist, then we have made smaller strides to build race relations than I thought.

Anonymous said...

Just in case you hadn’t read this statement….

We need to ask ourselves why the media hasn't played this and why no one is asking Hillary what she thinks about the statement from her own pastor.

Isn't it interesting that this letter, published on the web site, Minneapolis Minnesota, March 27, 2008, was not picked up by other news media!!! ross
Letter of the day: Clinton, her pastor disagree about Wright
Last update: March 27, 2008 - 6:14 PM
More from Letters

• Letters to the editor, March 28, 2008

Hillary Clinton attends the Foundry United Methodist Church in Washington. So does Bill Clinton. Hillary suggests she would not have the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama's controversial former minister, as her pastor.
But the senior pastor of her church has a very different take on how Americans should react to Wright. The Rev. Dean Snyder wrote, 'The Rev. Jeremiah Wright is an outstanding church leader whom I have heard speak a number of times. He has served for decades as a profound voice for justice and inclusion in our society. He has been a vocal critic of the racism, sexism, and homophobia which still tarnish the American dream.
'To evaluate his dynamic ministry on the basis of two or three sound bites does a grave injustice to Dr. Wright, the members of his congregation, and the African-American church, which has been the spiritual refuge of a people that has suffered from discrimination, disadvantage, and violence. Dr. Wright, a member of an integrated denomination, has been an agent of racial reconciliation while proclaiming perceptions and truths uncomfortable for some white people to hear.
'Those of us who are white Americans would do well to listen carefully to Dr. Wright rather than to use a few of his quotes to polarize. This is a critical time in America's history as we seek to repent of our racism. No matter which candidates prevail, let us use this time to listen again to one another and not to distort one another's truth. '
PASS THIS E MAIL ON.................

Anonymous said...

This pastor is really a WACK job, and anyone associated with him is suspect.

imaniinc said...

If Dr. Wright is a Wack job then so are Hillary and Bill because they are associated with him as well. Dr. Wright had been to the White house when president Clinton was president and also he and Hillary have been to Trinity several times when Bill was running for President. But you do not see that in the media. Did Hillary get up and walk out during the sermons she heard there. NO SHE DIDN'T! so why should Barach have done that. No one is addressing The Clinton's association with Dr. Wright. Dr. Wright is doing what he is supposed to be doing by speaking the truth. Obama, is doing what he is supposed to be doing as a political candidate. I will support my church member Obama for president as well as my spiritual mentor, Dr. Wright. I have been a member of Trinity all of my life and will not throw either Barach or Dr. Wright under the bus. People wake up! The media finally got what they wanted. But unfortunately, this is the only way for Barach to become president. See the media wants you to believe that a person can't run this country and stand up for true justice. It is just a shame that we (Americans) can't see that the media has manipulated us.

Paul_V_Clinton_Video said...

Clinton supporters are hell-bent on showing the world that they value feminism over all else. Why else would older women vote for Hillary who will be taking $500-600 a month out of their children's paycheck to pay for mandatory healthcare. Tough nookies for the kids and grandkids, eh?

Contrast that with the fact that Obama's plan will exempt the older people from paying taxes on their retirement income -- which leaves a lot more money for these old folks to take care of themselves as they age. Older people should come to their senses and vote for what is in their own interest. Hillary wants to take money from your children and grandchildren to line her pockets with Healthcare industry money.

If older people had any sense, they'd be for Obama '08!