Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Pastor received a Commendation for Assisting In the Heart Surgery of President L. B. Johnson 1966

Doing such a fine job during the surgery of President Lyndon B. Johnson .. **can you see him standing there behind the pole :)

This is the man they are characterizing as a anti - white racist!

Don't go there people.....

UPDATE - Okay, I'm going through comments MY LORD!!! Just to clarify though, Pastor Wright wasn't President Johnson's nurse nor was he just 'the guy who wheeled the president in'.
Pastor Wright was a cardio pulmonary technician at the U.S. Naval Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland.
His full bio is here


Sean Braisted said...

Thanks for doing this blog...its great to have some context to the 3 minutes out of 30 years that the media has latched onto.

The Art of Illiterates said...

I've been fuming about the same stuff over at my blog (

Corporate media is smearing this man and we're all complicit if we don't speak up about it.

Bryan said...

Fox News: Buh Buh Buh Buh

Hannity & O'Reilly confirmed on suicide watch.

Kellybelle said...

Glad you put this site up! Keep your heads up and keep doing the good works Trinity is known for!!!

veritas said...

Thank you so much for posting this blog.

I have been bothered by the media's smear campaign against Rev. Wright.

I feel sorry that they have decided to attack his reputation when he has done so much for his community.

This is nothing short of a "high-tech lynching" to borrow the phrase. A lynching in the sense of a mob rushing to judgment and guilty until proven innocent.

Shame on America. This is a decent man. Leave him alone!

Misty said...

Thanks for creating this page and showing a more positive side of Rev. Wright.

Wonder why Oreilly and Hannity haven't showed the video of Rev. David James Manning who is a Hillary supporter and who is down right disrespectful to Mr. Obama and his congregation. Rush Limbaugh, aired it on his radio station yesterday but mainstream media has chose to ignore it.

Double standards and definitely reverse racism going on with Bill and Sean in my opinion.

Jeff L. said...

Good job. There are a lot of people who know better about what Rev. Wrights comments were about. A few seconds of an energetic presentation should not be played without the context and background.

Please visit our site at to see some similar perspectives:

Anonymous said...

thanks for the webpage! i am a 55 year old white, middle class woman. i didn't see anything wrong with what pastor wright said, in the clips on tv. the truth hurts. white people really need to get a little humility

Barack Oblogger said...

Thank you for starting this blog. I'm going to put it on my blog.

You might want to link to me as well,

K said...

Thank you for this site. Rev Wright, your new pastor, and your entire congregation our in the thoughts and prayers of many good Americans.

Anonymous said...

Word comes out that this was part of the Clinton's "Kitchen Sink" strategy. Where is the Democratic leadership? I'm tired of black people being taken for granted by the DLC.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this blog.

It breaks my heart to see the media going after a man who has devoted his life to service. This is the thanks he gets?

ArchPundit said...


Can you drop me a note--I run ArchPundit which covers Illinois politics and would like to coordinate some of this with you.

Larry Handlin

Anonymous said...

Although I think the comments of Rev. Wright are despicable and divisive, I want to applaud Mr wright and thank him for his service to the country in the military.

Thanks Again Sargent Major

Gary In.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing with the world another side of your pastor and church. Don't let Fox news dictate the conversation!

You might also consider sending liberal blogs a notice about your blog. I have already sent a link to Talking Points Memo.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you!!! For those of us around the country who know Rev. Wright, it has been painful to have the media trash him. If he could bring comfort to two presidents in their greatest hours of need, there really cannot be that much wrong with him. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. That, obviously, starts with the pundits who are trying to make a reputation for themselves by using him and Barack Obama as their vehicle. Why don't they raise the same questions about the right wing preachers surrounding John McCain past and present? And what of Hillary Clinton's prayer group?

Murphy said...

I've been trying to open an honest dialog about race on every blog I frequent. It's really difficult, as most (all races) don't want to introspect about their own behaviors.

If you can post stories about the church's and the good Reverends work, I would love to pass them on as far as I can.

I'm a white 56 year old and really fear for our country if we don't all move forward rather than constantly battling each other, however subtly or overtly.

The first step is to do something about the dumbed down media we have spreading their sensationalism rather than educating.

It will be a tough row to hoe, but if enough of us work together we can more forward.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

thank you , i knew rev. wright is good man , who has just lived though alot . I believe that everything barack is, is a contradiction to all the edited pieces of the speech the media is running . i believe barack is proving all the edited bits the media is showing us to be wrong . i believe that rev. wright is proud of barack in showing him that america is indeed changing .As a white woman i never stopped believing in Mr. obama and this website just solidified my belief. I hope the the site grows with more information for everyone to see the real rev. wright . I will be sure to share and spread the word to all my friends

james gyre... said...

i am thankful you are addressing the hogwash that wright is a fringe individual for addressing racism in public policy or the u.s. being partly responsible for 9/11.

obama supporters (and fans of cumbia) will enjoy this video on my blog... you can dance to it!!!

scenoch said...

He is still a mean racist whether or not he might have done surgery

If anyone thinks the stuff he spews is remotely Christian....

Lord have mercy on you all

-John Calvin

RCD said...

Could you please put some information or a section with all the wonderful church programs that Trinity offers, as well as the many places Rev. Wright has been invited to speak and teach.

Karen Anne said...

I'm very glad to see this blog. It is clear to me even just from reading the news that Rev. Wright is a good man, and I agree with much of what I have heard him quoted as saying, like 9/11 was U.S. foreign policy coming home to roost.

Wish I lived closer so I could attend your church.

RCD said...

God be the glory!

I love this concept and hope the thousands of people who belong to Trinity will continue to post their beautiful stories about Trinity and Rev. Wright, as well as the work that the community has done under his leadership. Then, I pray that 1 million voices will also pass through this website.

Also, please add to your first page profile, the video of McCain and Huckabee's comments in defense of Obama and Rev Wright (in Huckabee's case).

McCAIN DEFENDS OBAMA about Rev. Wrights statements

HUCKABEE defends Rev. Wright!! (scroll down and video posted)

We are all praying for your church, Rev. Wright, The Obama Family and for Americans. I am also praying for our foes and evil doers that God changes their hearts from spreading this hate and teaches them mercy, understanding and compassion.

God bless!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for creating this website. I was moved by the parts of the sermons you posted, this coming from someone who's not been to church in decades. The reverend is a very honest and blunt man.

It says a lot about the media that they don't report on who Reverend Wright really is. I understand why Fox would do what they're doing, but I'm really disappointed that the rest of the media only wants to sensationalize snippets of his sermons for ratings and profit. What does it say about us here in the US that the media is willing to sacrifice Obama's possible presidency, one that many think could be filled with greatness, in order to keep ratings up.

Have they not shame?!

Anonymous said...

Please tell Rev. Wright my prayers are with him...It is unfair and unjust how the media is portraying him...Stay strong.

euddoggwyn said...

thanks for this blog! I have been livid and blogging best I can at if you want to come and visit and comment on what I write. i hope you don't mind if I scrape some of your stuff to help get the truth out. and I will comment here, too. the key to what we need to do is show the country the lie and have faith in the truth. Thank you! Thank you!!

followtheleader said...

here are the pastors sermons unedited in context

Justin (The Woodlands, Texas) said...

I'm so happy to have come across this blog. I can only imaging the frustration your congregation must be feeling. As others have said to sum up Mr. Write's 30+ year career and the substance of your church in a few out of context clips is appalling. I put together a little tribute to Reverend Write on youtube.

Hope you like it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for creating this site. The truth must be told in its full context. Thanks again for finding that one video you posted on DU.

Anonymous said...

CAN YOU PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get this commendation and photograph of Rev Wright on the Lundon Johnson medical team out there!!! Put it on YOU TUBE!!!! Put it on Huffington Post!! We know the mainstream media is not going to want to use it - PUSH IT PUSH IT PUSH IT!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to leave a post offering sympathy for what you've all been forced to go through. I had never heard Rev. Wright's sermons before all this broke, although I had been aware of him. When the clips were shown on TV something about them felt wrong and I knew instinctively that there was more to this that we weren't hearing.

I found the Trinity YouTube page a couple of days ago, and Wright's parable about the woman in Brazil caught me totally off guard - it was one of the strongest sermons I'd ever heard anywhere. I never expected it to be a parable until he made it one so completely. I've told it four times in the three days since I heard it.

Please keep up your faith and please keep getting his real words out. I think you will find more and more people on your side the more you do. I'm not even "christian" (a "red letter" christian, if anything, but basically agnostic), and I have been deeply moved by Rev. Wright's words. Thank you.

Amicus said...

Great Site.

Let Rev Wright know that he should put out a statement correcting any factual errors that he notices (not change is opinions, just correct any factual errors).


Anonymous said...

Many of the comments here are either ridiculous or disturbing, or both.

Smear campaign against Wright? He smeared himself AND Obama by his own words! If you don't believe me, watch the videos. If you dare. And be you black OR white, if you see nothing wrong with his rantings, you are part of the racial problem in this country, NOT the solution.

Good deeds don't justify racism either. How many of you were talking about Imus' Camp for Kids during the "nappy-headed hos" episode? Or so willing to give him a pass for far less egregious words than Wright's?

Also, as a veteran myself, I give the Rev. Wright full credit for his service to his country. But I will not give him a pass for the horrible things he has said because of it. He is supposed to be a man of God preaching love, reconciliation and preciousness of life, not hatred, divison or that the 9/11 mass murder of 3000 innocents from 84 countries was justified under ANY circumstances!

And on the weekend of 9/11 besides, when the country was still in shock and bodies were still being dug out as their stench filled the city? How humanitarian and loving is THAT?

It doesn't matter. Doesn't even matter if these words are posted or not. The videos are the testaments now, and damning ones they are. Obama's campaign is over. All that's left is to break out the shovels.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this site...I have been in deep sadness and deep prayer for the outrageous treatment of Pastor Wright and his congregation
I was raised UCC and I am brokenhearted at the the Media's cold hearted coverage of Trinity....
Winterport ME

Anonymous said...

God bless Mr.wright,for speaking up for the oppressed.

Anonymous said...

He had to operate on LBJ. He was in the Navy and it was an order.

Anonymous said...

He's a Third Class Corpsman, he didn't do the operation - probably just wheeled the gurney into the OR.

The letter was signed by the Vice Admiral & the USN gives them out for special projects, etc.
I'm a wife & I have a few of them too, for helping out with charitable causes, such as Navy Marine Corps Relief, ARC & March of Dimes.

IMO this letter doesn't mean much about anything, given the Pastor's rants.

Photo ops with someone, don't mean much either - my man has photos with President Bush 41.

Twenty + years in the same Church & having your children listen to that drivel - says a lot to me.

I'm not your "typical white person", either - whatever that is?

Marth Davidson said...

Horaaaaaaaaaaay! Thank you for doing this. I'm living in a suburb of Vancouver British Columbia. Our household has been disgusted and frustrated with the US media. I've been blogging like mad to all the newspapers across the US. As soon as we saw those snippets we we furious. It only took 2 seconds to go to the Church web site and see what it does for the community. Geeez. With working class people having such busy lives these days, they don't have time to look after themselves, let alone investigate theses things. ALL they get to see are these repeated snippets. We think it's a VERY effective way of brainwashing the public. Hence the frustration and disgust. FOX and ABC are the worst offenders, with CNN a close second. Jack Cafferty is the only one who's not caught up in the total spin. He keeps repeating Obamas #s' delegates etc., and asking why others can't do the math. What YOU have done here will be of great help. Theses people with their busy lives, often have time over lunch, or during a break to hit the computer and get some information. MAYBE there might be some good conversation about race from ALL perspectives. Our hope is that from this, some enlightenment will take place. If that can happen the history books will have the highest regard for Rev. Wright and his Church. If Obama gets to the Whitehouse, he knows how he got there. He said that Rev. Wright and the church are part of him. His speech on race, we think is historical. If he had turned on Rev. Wright and the Church, we would have lost all respect for him. That shows what he's made of. We can't begin to imagine the lives Rev. Wright and church have made a difference to. They have touched us from so many miles away. Although it's not out there in the media we want you to realize that they are not fooling many people around the world. A long time ago when, I was a young woman we used to say "we've come a long way baby", Now it's time to add "let's keep going"! From our house to yours.

Kesha said...

I was a proud member of Trinity when I lived in Chicago. I still claim Trinity as family and my husband and I watch Trinty's services on TVOne before preparing for Sunday services.

His sermons and his leadership have been a continual source of spriritual growth and leadership inspiration.

My husband and I have both said that more clergy need to speak the truth about Rev. Wright. Do people honestly think that the Obamas would become a part of a racist church? His mother was white. He loved his mother.

Do people honestly think that the United Church of Christ would condone a racist church? People are not reading everything. They miss the press release released by the UCC. Instead, they just look at a sermon clip on YouTube.

The truth is that you cannot take sermons out of context, like you can’t read any scripture out of context. You must take into account the history. You must take into account what comes before and after the text.

Here’s the Trinity I know:

People who attack the church without having experienced Trininty are missing the whole point.

Trinity elevates the community.
Trinity encourages OUR children.
Trinity strengthens OUR marriages.
Trininty honors OUR elders.
Trinity celebrates OUR heritage.

And it is not that we celebrate in the disrespect of anyone else. Some of the most beautiful worship experiences I’ve had in my life were at Trnity. To be there when they dedicated the babies in the period African ritual was a sight to be seen. A community of new children being lifted to the sky and annointed to deal with the bitter, sweet and rich of life as the congregation celebrated.

Don’t attack the black value system, attack the larger system that perpetuates the need for it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for creating this blog. Since we can no longer count on the mainstream media to do their jobs, it's up to us to do it for them.

Peter said...

Thanks for your work on this blog. Great stuff. Keep it coming--you know they will!

mac said...




Anonymous said...

Hello, People of God, my name is Nikida S. Mitchell. I am a proud and blessed member of Trinity United Church Of Christ(T.U.C.C)! I am 17 years old, and I've been a member ever since I was born. I am speaking to the media, as well as whoever else wishes to read this blog, on behalf of the youth/young adults. My experience as a Trinity Baby has been nothing but a blessing, and a spiritual growth!! The life, and the legacy that our Senior pastor has left behind, was, and still is a blessing to my life!! I can truly say that I have a clear understanding of what it means to unashamedly black, and unapologetically christian!!! Trinity is my second family! Not only do I attend services on Sunday, but I am active in ministries and youth bible classes throughout the entire week! Rev. Wright believes in the youth, he takes up for us and has our backs when everybody else is against us!! I look up to him!! He is like a father to me, and he has done a marvelous job, not only with the youth, but by touching and blessing everyone else's life that has ever been in contact with him, in any way!! He would never say anything racist or prejudice to harm anyone, he's always welcomed anyone that wants to be apart of Trinity's church family with open arms!!! We have had all different people of different races come visit and join our church every month!! BUT, THE MEDIA DOESN'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT THAT, ALL THEY USE IS SOUND BITE!!! All I have to say is, IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT, I SUGGEST YOU LEAVE OUR SENIOR PASTOR AND OUR CHURCH ALONE!!! FIND SOMETHING ELSE TO DO!! YOU WAT TO TALK ABOUT SOMETHING, FINE, I'LL GIVE YOU SOMETHING TO SOUND BITE!!! LETS TALK ABOUT THIS ILLEGAL WAR THAT IS STILL GOING ON IN IRAQ, THAT NOBODY SEEMS TO CARE ABOUT!!!! LEAVE MY SENIOR PASTOR/DADDY ALONE!! THAT'S ALL for now, and have a blessed day!!!

Haywood said...

I love senior pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright. This man has the biggest heart. Yes, he loves his people, but he loves all of Gods people. Never in my ten years of membership have I heard Rev. Wright cast disparaging remarks against any race of people. He preaches from the bible. I wish all his haters would pick up the bible and read. Then they will understand that Rev. Jeremiah Wright is a modern day prophet telling the world " what thus said the Lord". I love you Rev. Wright and stand with you 100%.
Rev. Wright I give to you what you have given to me. "Don't worry about anything, tell God your needs and don't forget to thank him for his answers" God's peace is far more wonderful than the human mind can understand. His peace will keep your thoughts and heart quite and at rest as you trust in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6-7 May God forever Bless you.
Trinity member- Lavone Haywood

Anonymous said...

Rev. Wright, I know he is a stone man of God. I realize that the devil is busy. Your Bros. and Sista's from the Philadelphia/Chester, PA. area, love you. Be strong. Prayer and Praises.

Anonymous said...

There is no excuse for defaming a good man in the name of politics. Rev. Wright is being deamonized purely for political gain by both Democrats and Republicans. I assure you that these chickens will come home to roost, if not now in the next life.

Those who cannot face the truth should look in the mirror before smearing Rev. Wright's well-deserved reputation for offering God's love and hope to the downtrodden.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Rev. Wright and the entire Trinity UCC congregation during this very sad time in our country's history.
We will continue to keep our faith in God.

Shannon said...

Thank you so much for this blog! As a fellow Trinitarian, I am so happy that we are finally getting a chance to defend the man we love and respect so much. Kudos to you!

(p.s. I see the media is already trying to "coordinate" with you. LOL.)

Leanne Koonce said...

Thank you for your love and courage.

You, your church, Reverend Wright, and everyone who stands with you will show those who prefer their old hatreds that love and willingness to understand will lead us to better days.....that more perfect union! And that union will embrace all who are proud of our multiple and diverse heritages and our faiths, or agnosticism or atheism, or whatever as long as we accept and respect and try to love.

No one can be excluded from the love and wisdom, but those who cannot accept the love and guidance, or chiding, or outright rebuke from a loving pastor or friend will eventually find their hearts turned to that unwavering, persisting love.


Keep your hearts strong in your love and faith!

Anonymous said...

Let the good light of TRUTH shine out! Thank You and Keep up the great work!

Mule Skinner

Andrew Cooper said...

Thank you for fighting back against the people who would paint Rev. Wright as a radical and Trinity as a racist church. The coverage Wright and by extension the Trinity community has recieved in the media has been horrid. Please know that this South Carolinian lifts Rev. Wright and the Trinity congregation in his prayers. May you all have strength through these trials.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your great articles and research. God bless Rev. Wright Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...


jane said...

How sad. You'll believe anything.
LBJ NEVER had heart surgery. He had GALL BLADDER surgery and not in 1966... it was 1965.

truthToPower said...

Hey Jane, so you don't believe me you don't believe your eyes and you don't believe Bill Moyers who's standing behind Rev. Wright in the picture you're looking at???? They both discussed this occasion on the interview on Bill Moyers show on Friday!

Anonymous said...

I thought it was wrong of the media
to label Rev Wright based on the 2 second sound-bytes that were
continually aired on tv. I wanted
to give Rev Wright the benefit of the doubt. I watched Rev Wright's
N.A.A.C.P. Speech and I read the
text of his recent interview with
Bill Moyers and thought he did
a reasonable job in trying to
define or explain what he is about.
Now, I consider myself to be
a Christian. I am black and I
have been in a Black Church all
of my life. I have always felt
themselves and speak as though
ECCLESIASTES (4:16), GOD tells
us: "To every thing there is a
season, and a time to every
purpose under the heaven."
Rev Wright did not come across like a Pastor when he gave his speech at the press club; but instead he came across like a man who was "self-absorbed." and not thinking about anyone but himself.
I was truly disappointed with
Rev. Wright's Speech as were
many, many of my Black friend's
and my family members(All Chicagoans by the way).

Thanks for allowing me to "Vent."

truthToPower said...

Last anon... I don't know what happened. honestly. I know that Rev. has been under an ENORMOUS amount of pressure. I'm praying what ever is going on will work itself out. but please check out my latest post about why we are even at this point. and why Pastors especially this pastor has to carry this burden. This is the first time in american politics this has happened.