Friday, March 28, 2008

The Truth Regarding the Hamas Distortion : Article was a RE - Print from the L.A. Times!

So now the media would like for you to believe that we are Hamas supporters again providing the masses with distortions of the truth...

On July 22, 2007 an article from the L.A. Times was re - printed in our church's bulletin on the Pastor's Page. This wasn't an article written by Rev. Wright. When you do READ the article it
indicates that the author of that piece "rejects" the organizing premise of HAMAS, but does make "comparisons" to HAMAS' organizing document, to the writings and Basic Laws of Israel and to that of the United States, with respect to the oppression and dehumanizing of other persons, particularly black people, as a basic premise of the foundation of each of those states.

See the article originally published in the L.A. Times HERE

From my perspective, it is another "educational" piece, with the last paragraph thereof envisioning a peace between Palestine and Israel. The Pastor's Page, in my opinion has always been used to educate the members of the congregation on issues (across the spectrum) that they might not knowledge about -- and to broaden the congregation's critical thinking, and to provide a more informed lens through which to read and listen to traditional media reports of current events.

So no the assertion that Jeremiah Wright has ever authored any "Pro Hamas Terrorist Manifestos" is 100% FALSE. The assertion that Jeremiah Wright supports Hamas is 100% FALSE. If there are any complaints related to the printing of this article I would think that should be directed to the newspaper that published it not to our congregation for sharing it! Like I said before when will these journalist do their RESEARCH!


Anonymous said...

They aren't trying to report the news bro, they're doing a hit on Obama through Wright. Research isn't the point. You think they don't know they're lying?

des52 said...

Wright is Right

I was watching Bill Maher on HBO. Tavis Smiley was on and they discussed the double standard regarding Rev. Wright--a black man cannot point out truisms about race in America but the suited commentators can all say he is a racist. Tavis called out Pat Buchannon's rantings such as "blacks should be thankful, they came over on boats(as if it was Royal Carribean,) they have welfare, etc. and more insanity. . . Tavis then pointed out how MSM(main stream media) justifies Buchannon's madness by saying, "Oh he's just being Pat." But they all have blood in their eyes anytime Wright tells it like it is. I am reminded of Stephen calling out the rulers in Acts, they became so enraged, they stoned him.

Tavis Smiley also noted how wrong this treatment of Wright was. He said Wright is of the "Kingian" philosophy. When the other commentators said no he wasn't, Tavis held a little historical clinic on how MLK called out the Vietnam war and said the US was the most violent nation. Afterwards King was no longer invited to the White House and later assassinated. It would be great to put the clip of this weeks Bill Maher show and that discussion on this website.

I found this article below by David Sirota. It captures exactly what we have witnessed.

FYI. One way we can be empowered is to attend the Minority Media Telecommunications Conference in DC. It is in July. This access to capital conference has FCC heads, SEC heads, brokers, lawyers and venture capitalists ready to help minorities purchase available radio, and television stations. The executive director of M.M.T.C. is David Honig who has spent his lifetime helping minorities get the capital to purchase stations and get employment in media. We might only own "Reading railroad as it were, but we can learn to play monopoly also. We have to pool our resources. The Pat Buchannon's will not always rule the roost. Se Se Puede.