Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pastor Wright's Sermons Now on iTunes

Pastor Wrights sermons are now available on iTune!

Find his sermons HERE


Anonymous said...

Thanks I was misinformed about this church they should sue fox news

Anonymous said...

Peace & Grace Be Unto You: I was rather disturbed this morning, when the media once again was blasting Hiliary's comments, about how could Obama fellowship at such a church and sit under Trinity's pastoral leadership. I found it rather strange/annoying and could only imagine that the woman must be suffering from alzheimer's, as I recall "Rev" mentioning in one of his sermons in 1998, perhaps 1999, the fact that he had been summonised to the White House to minister to The Clinton Family, after "Billy - Boy" had been caught with his drawers down around his ankles. Gee, Hil!! - how soon you forget....amazing isn't it! Love you all, Smooches, Nina