Thursday, March 20, 2008

Boyce Watkins: Why The United Nations Agrees with Pastor Jeremiah Wright

Boyce Watkins has done an excellent piece regarding the validity of Pastor Wright's positions. In short here's what he said :

You think Jeremiah Wright is a lunatic? Let’s look for objective analysis, shall we?

The United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination recently issued a scathing report about racism in America. In the report, the committee cited the following:

- The mass incarceration of black men in our prison systems. America has the largest prison population in history and half of those men are black. The problem is that black people are only 13% of the general population.

- Inadequate legal defense for these individuals, leading to a higher likelihood of incarceration.

- Longer prison sentences for the same crimes for black men and a disproportionate willingness of our government to kill these men when they are on trial for murder.

- Segregated school systems leading to far worse education for black children.

- The disenfranchisement of individuals with criminal records, denying them the right to vote, and significantly reducing their opportunities for employment for the length of their entire lives.

You see, I am with Jeremiah Wright on this one. I applaud him for having the courage to speak the truth in support of people of color. Pastor Wright is a doctor, offering medicine to a country that is truly sick. We allow the Rush Limbaughs, Sean Hannitys and Bill O’Reillys to continuously attack people of color, while millions of blind Americans listen to these uneducated monsters continue the most horrific traditions of our nation.
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Anonymous said...

This is disingenuous: The criminal has ceded his right to vote by his criminal and anti-social acts. The poor state of education of children is not due to lack of money oer trying; the country has blown billions of education for a segment of the poipulation that for various reasons chooses not to attend school regularly, or to assert themselves in study to graduate. If the population in jail is largely comprised of X or Y people, that is not a plot--it is because many more people commit crimes and are caught and incarcerated. And the assertion that Limbaugh, Hannity or other radio hosts castigate blacks? Ludicrous--only a person who has never listened to them could foolishly and ignorantly assert such a position. This blather by Boyce is appallingly ignorant, as it ignores the truths underlying all his mendacious assertions. Poor reasoning, poor judgment, poor analysis--outside of those biggies, Boyce writes the drivel that some will absorb like suntan.

Anonymous said...

The person who left the comment justifying the horrific treatment of black people sounds alot like the Nazis did during WWII. He represents the spirit of Hitler.

Sharice said...

There is no need to comment on the first comment. There are many Americans who do not want to hear the truth. The failure to examine the history behind the reasons for X or Y being miseducated and imprisoned is a miscarriage of justice. Millions of Americans agree with Rev. Wright however people do not want to hear the truth. The rest who do not believe what Rev. says or believe that he has a right to an opinion do not believe in the Constitution, because the last time I checked, Freedom of speech was a part of the constitution.