Thursday, March 20, 2008

Senator McCains Pastor Believes There's a Genocidal Plot against African Americas Too!

It looks like my Pastor isn't the only one who believes that the government has been complicit in plots against blacks in America too. I wonder why this doesn't get as much play. If you closed your eyes they almost sound alike!


The Art of Illiterates said...

This guy is nuts. How can Fox run with the Wright story and just ignore this. Check out the "Jubilee 3" video on youtube and tell me this guy isn't a crook. He claims to have saved 23,000 christian slaves in Darfur.

Soughtout said...

Great post. May the LORD bless your efforts to protect Dr. Wright's reputation and set the record straight. I became aware of your site through a blog on May I suggest that if you haven't done so already, please upload the Pastor Pasrsley's clip to Also, are there members of your church or denomination who could use their connections to get this clip to the media? While I am certainly aware of media biases which may make it difficult to get this clip on the air, I still think it is worth a try. Also, I would suggest that Roland Martin( and Joe Madison ( be contacted for possible display on their sites or played on their radio programs.

Please accept my apology for possibly being over zealous in putting forth my personal suggestions.

You may also wish to consider uploading the clip to and with an accompanying blurb and link to your Web site.

Blessings and peace,

Pastor Linda

Anonymous said...

This guy is speaking the truth that the Reverend was speaking. Of course there's a double standard... but I feel more comfortable voting for McCain should Hillary Clinton and the DLC's "Kitchen Sink" strategy works.

Daniel said...

Parsley may have made statements that should be brought to our attention. I don't know. However, it is disingenuous to suggest that these statements here are the same as those made by "Reverend" Wright. Parsley here is speaking out against abortion and the apathy with which it is treated in the United States today. He is using his statistics on the black population to ask the question - why this apathy? This is totally different from suggesting (as Wright did) that the federal government is systematically pushing drugs on black men and injecting the AIDS virus into the black community in order to kill them off.

Anonymous said...

I think it's well past time that Rev. Wright tell his own story. The more Obama and the media tell it for him, the more it is seen as "Obama's" story. This is not fair to Wright OR Obama. I understand that there is more to Rev. Wright than the mis-characterization of a few soundbites we're seeing ad nauseum in the media reports. Why isn't Rev. Wright himself out there answering his critics? If Obama has asked him not to, I think that is a mistake.

That being said, it's not really fair to say that Parsley is McCain's pastor. He's a political supporter of McCain (recently), but McCain's ties to him are purely political and not religious. THAT on the other hand is certainly open for a different type of criticism!

Mark said...

Actually Daniel, I'm more bothered by Parsley's deflecting of the issue onto abortion than I am Wright's accurately pointing out government complicity in violence against African Americans.

Parsley is using abortion as a smoke screen because he doesn't want to talk about the real issues that might lead a person to make the choice to abort a pregnancy - poverty, abuse, poor or non-existent health care for women and children, lack of educational and economic opportunities, etc., etc., etc.

Abortion is not the problem, systemic racism - an intentional denial of resources - is the problem.

Anonymous said...

Um, Daniel....

You're mixing apples and apples. IT IS THE SAME THING! Death by any other name would smell just as rank. Besides, it wouldn't be the first time the Government did nefarious things to African Americans.

Do some reading.




History repeats itself all the time....

vickilynne said...

Parsley is living in a dream world!I don't see the correlation of Genocide and Abortion. African Americans aren't are dying and suffering from destruction, based on this as a primary cause. He's trying to gain the communities support by means of it, though. He's exhibiting Sheer Desperation. Abortion isn't the Genocide of Black Americans...this speech is not only Repulsive but a lie. Black folks do not flock tothe abortion clinics, come on!

Anonymous said...

Support for a conservative, evangelical pastor on this site?

It's cold in Detroit; probably the same temperature in hell.

If the controversy around Mr. Obama wasn't such a conflagration then Pastor Parsley would be trying to dig the knives out of his back from all sorts of left-wing attackers . . . because he's Sen. McCain's pastor.

Also, well said 'daniel'. The government promoting abortion, which is STILL individual choice, is far different from the C.I.A. developing and injecting AIDS into black men and women (apples to oranges). The C.I.A. story isn't true, for the record.

Donald said...

Wow, Rod Parsley is speaking the truth. Black babies are aborted at an astounding rate. However, Mr.Obama is one of the staunchest advocates of abortion. With the level of hatred exhibited by Dr. Wright, I wonder why he does not become a muslim.

Gary said...

The pastor engages in some hyperbole, as all pastors do, but there's some disturbing truth in what he says -- so too with Wright.

Disproportionate numbers of blacks are in prison. It's presented by Wright as if it's some kind of deliberate attempt to clear the streets, guilt or innocence being secondary. But of course the main reason more blacks are in prison is because they indeed do commit more crime, but there are surely societal reasons for them doing so, and monetary reasons for them getting a lesser quality defense. The sad history however is that early on, blacks were routinely railroaded, regardless of guilt.

Abortion has many parallels. Disproportionate numbers of blacks are aborted, although today not because they're black, and it's (usually, boyfriends' pressure aside) due to an individual's "choice". Again, societal factors make abortion more likely in the black population, and monetary factors work against someone deciding to birth and raise a child. The sad history here is that the origins of the planned parenthood organization are rooted in an open desire to eliminate blacks and other "problem people". The same distaste and distrust for the abortion industry should be at least as deserved as for the legal system.

So both pastors are misleading as to the true current-day mindset of abortionists and prosecutors.

But they both have a point. I think the problem so many have with Wright is that he seems to paint with too broad a brush, one that at least on the surface appears to paint the entire nation and/or the entire white population as guilty of horrible things. The other guy is condemning the abortion industry, a fairly small segment of society. And the diversity of his audience as opposed to Wright's is surely an indication of the universal nature of his appeal.

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed reading these respectful and well thought out posts on this blog. I like the fact that there can be disagreement without posters being disagreeable. I don't like posts that disguised bigotry and hate while pretending to be mainstream thoughts when discussing Obama or Clinton; however, since I have been following this presidential race, it appears that comments are a reflection of poster's racial indocrination.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry -- maybe I missed something, but what is wrong with what Pastor Parsley said? He is pointing out the truth. Another very little known fact is that he is one of the few pastors who raised an outcry about the atrocities being committed in Darfur. Unfortunately, that is something I haven't heard very many of our national black leaders speak out about.

oranckay said...

Wow. Wow. Good for Rod Parsley. But how is he "mccain's pastor"?

Jetpacks said...


Putting "Reverend" in quotes is a perfect example of your own built-in bias and prejudice.

Why don't you stop worshiping the flag and get on your face before your God?

I challenge you to attend a service at a black church. All you know of Wright is what the right-wing media has fed you. Hell, maybe you ARE black, I don't know. It doesn't matter. I'm white - and I can see through this smokescreen. Anyone can.

Wake up, dude. Jesus is not a Republican. He's not even an American.

You've been brainwashed. I say that in love, but you won't hear it. You believe what tickles your ears.

May God have mercy on this nation.

Unfortunately, it's probably too late for that.

Watch all the sermons, Daniel. If you truly are one of God's, you will recognize in Wright a brother who preaches Jesus' gospel, nothing less. If you don't see that, sadly, you are not one of His. That's the deal, bro - now deal with it.

Ja said...

I am so very glad that you have created this blog. I do, as others have mentioned, wish that Rev. Wright would speak to the press, or whomever, to publicly address these issues. I would just like to hear what he has to say. Also, I thought you might be interested, there is some current newn regarding Planned Parenthood. I am not sure what to make of it yet, but if you google them along with race, and/or telephone call, you will find tons of links to the story. Here is one that I found

I am waiting to see what happens with this one, and what is true.

God bless,

MT. Akbar said...

Donald exemplifies those who flock to right wing theocratic Evangelists: hate for Islam. I'm sorry Donald but its not Islam that promotes hate or has a monoply on it but your Falwells, Parsley's, Bishop K. Butler, J. Hagee and on and on exemplify it everyday.

This is symptomatic of what is going on in this country and one of the least mentioned aspects of this campaign season: Islamophobia!

Look at the comments of Pastor Parsley:"The fact is that America was founded, in part, with the intention of seeing this false religion (Islam) destroyed..." ("Silent No More, p.90)
Thats Parsley for you.

Anonymous said...

I find it amazing that a photo of the rev. with Bill Clinton makes front page news whereas John McCains funding by hate groups dosn't even make a splash on CNN or Fox. Recent articles that John McCain accepted Hate group financing from members involved with the “World Church of the Creator” founder Matt Hale have been largely denounced but a close comerade of his Kyle Bristow, the former chairman of the Michigan State University chapter of Young Americans For Freedom have endorsed him and in a release of of his campaign contrubuters in fact many names associated with subjective groups but none of them as to have been noted as "Hate Groups"
But many contrubuters have links and ties to these groups, but the noted contrubutions are not directly in the organization names of the "hate groups" but their leaders and members have made personal contrubutions.

Anonymous said...

Great post! Just wanted to alert your attention to the fact that in the (Easter) Sunday edition of the NY Times Magazine they have an actual Q&A with the Rev. John Hagee. Hagee publicly supported John McCain after McCain vigorously sought his endorsement. This is a pastor who has stood in his pulpit and said that Hurricane Katrina is the wrath of God for homosexuality and abortion amongst other things. He is known for using highly inflammatory language and yet no videos of his church sermons are being played on cable news.
In the article you will see that Rev. Hagee is actually given the chance to explain his views from his own mouth and not from sensationalized 30 second sound bites. I have already written a letter to the editor at the NY Times but I think that Trinity members should push to have the Rev. Jeremiah Wright be given the same opportunity as Rev. Hagee.

Dave Spicer, Asheville, NC said...

It's amazing how many people, lost in their righteous indignation, condemn Rev. Wright for "damning" America for its wrongs. The Old Testament has account after account of God "damning" Israel for its misbehavior. What's the difference?

Anonymous said...


I have listened to many of Reverend Wrights sermons and I hear a man who has studied the Bible and knows how to write a good sermon. As for a Christian Brother, I don't know him personally so I can't really say that from just hearing a sermon. You, on the other hand, seem to be able to judge whether Daniel is one God's children by whether or not he thinks Reverend Wright is a man of God! What an incredibly judgemental and downright ludicrous thing to say! So, if I listen to Reverend Wrights sermons and don't come to the conclusion that he is a man of God, then I'm not a believer. I think you are the one who needs to get his head out of whatever you're hiding it in and see the truth. I listened to a sermon of Reverend Wright's and he bashed the government and President Bush more than he praised God! I am not against a pastor giving his own opinions in his sermon, but when he spends most of his entire sermon giving opinions, rather than preaching the Word of God, then I quit listening! Maybe, just maybe, Jetpacks, you have a little agenda of your own. Could that be true??